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Before you say any prayer on this page you must be a Christian.

If you are not a Christian yet say this Prayer of Salvation before you say any prayer on the page.
Lord Jesus, I believe You were sent down from Heaven, performed many miracles, were crucified for our sins, died, and rose from the grave on the 3rd day. Forgive me for my sins, give me a clean start through your precious blood.
Come into my heart Jesus, cleans my spirit from all unclean spirits.
Lead me in your ways, so I can live the life GOD has planned for me.
Thank You Jesus, I believe You are in Me and I am in You.


You are now a Saint of The Most High GOD. The Angles of GOD are around you to protect and help you! Get a Bible and read the book of John before you read any other book.

Now you must throw away all things that pertain to your former religion, or sinful activities like, drugs, porn, astrology, voodoo, and the occult, anything sinful.
As long as you keep books, symbols, idols, pictures, or anything that promotes another religion or a sinful lifestyle the evil spirits still have access to your life and they will cause havoc, and problems for you and your family and children.

NOTE: THERE IS MORE POWER IN JESUS’ NAME than in any name under heaven. So, take authority and deliver yourself and the captives. We have been given power over all the power of the enemy according to the Word of God. The only way satan and the demons get advantage over us is through sin and ignorance. So take up your weapons that Jesus has provided and fight the enemy in Jesus’ Name.

Breaking Curses

If you are or have been involved in the occult on any level including putting faith in astrology for horoscopes, or trying to find a perfect mate, ect.  You have opened the door for demons to come into your life. Say the prayer below and set you and your family free.
PRAYER: Father in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I loose myself and my family line from curses that have come on me and my family due to me or my family members dealing with occult, voodoo, witchcraft, dream books, number books, astrology, and/or sorcery that has opened the door for demons to bind us. I cast them out in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Break the curse of confusion

PRAYER: In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I loose myself from spirits of confusion and command the curse of the crossed AX to be broken in the Name of Jesus. I command all demons to come out in Jesus’ Name

Break all Voodoo curses and Black magic

PRAYER: In the Name of the Lord Jesus, I take authority over Abaddon or Appollyon rulers of the bottomless pit and I command every African, Haitian or Black Voodoo curse to be broken in the Name of Jesus Christ, and command the cross roads to be closed to me and my family line forever. I command all demons associated with this curse to come out in Jesus’ Name.

Break family curses

PRAYER: In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I take authority over all curses in my family line due to the practice of magic done by some ancestor in the past. I command prosperity to come forth on my business, farm, cattle, and family line, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

PRAYER: Father in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I repent of all involvement in voodoo, obeah, witchcraft, sorcery, divination, or conjuration that I or any of my family members have been involved in the past. Forgive me Lord when I have innocently or ignorantly gone to or carried someone else to a root worker. I command all spirits to be weakened and bound and I cast them out in the Name of Jesus. I cut off their power over me and my family line in the heavenlies and on the earth. I cast out every demon who has been summoned to curse us to come out of me now in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I command all soul destroying demons to be bound and ask the Lord to restore my soul to its proper place in the Name of Jesus. I break the curses of candle burning to dead saints, rosary prayers and statute or idol worshipping of voodoo. In the Name of Jesus I break curses of the tongue coming against me from those who are bound by voodoo or witchcraft.

DEMONS TO CAST OUT: (This is not an all inclusive list.)

In the Name of Jesus I cast out

African, Haitian and Black Voodoo and Witchcraft; spirits of infirmity that has entered because of the effects of voodoo or witchcraft. I renounce and turn against all household gods and command these demons to come out of me and my family. I command all voodoo soul destroying demons to be bound in the name of Jesus and to come out. Spirits of death and false gifts by voodoo and witchcraft, I cast you out in Jesus’ Name. Demons of candle burning, rosary prayers and idol worship come out now in Jesus’ Name. I command all hidden demons to come out of me in the Name of Jesus.

I command the following demons to come out of me in Jesus’ Name:

Loa, familiar spirit, myster=re, govi, hougan, drums, les morts, Ruling spirit of Ogoun, St. Jacques, legba, ghede, et les marassa, dancing, manga marassa, laver tete, zombie, death ritual, fear, magic, baka, banda, assator, asson, acon, batterie maconnique, cambe, kembe, charge, chauffer, chev al ch=wl, colliel, dessounin, gagnin loa, garde, gran maitre, mambo, mange, mascarron, massissi, les mysteres, paquets congo, reler, renvoyer, ramasser, saints used as synonym for loa, verser, wanga, confusion, crossed X, papa damballa, mistress erzulie, jerking, twitching, spasms, shaking, loa racine, grand bois d=ilet, spirit of the tree, roots, superstition, maori, mwuetsi, morongo, dahomey, nanan-bouclou, St. Patrick, damballah, the chromo of lazarus, old legba, St. Ulrique, Agwe, St. Isdore, Azacca, Bline Gawd, charms, rosary, burning candles, psychic prayers, sorcery, divination, bibliomancy, false prophesy, false gifts, false inherited gifts of the spirit, false dreams and visions, fetishes, idolatry, serpent, python, Li Grand Zombi, Magnam, love potions, Monsieur Agoussou, nine day tea, potions of any kind, mind control, occult mind control, love spells, beauty rock, conjurations, conjure balls, toby or hand, Baka, Banda, Dance, Cama Kembe, Pain, Baterie Maconnique, Cev AL Ch=wl, Gagnin Loa, Garde, Gran Maitre, Colliel, Massissi, Wanga, Reler, Maori, Ogoun, Baron Samedi, Nan boublou, Erzulie, Erzulie Ge-Rouge, Rada, Petro, Rada, Obatala, Ogoun Paname, Ogoun Baye, Ogoun Badagris, Ogoun Ferei, Ogoun Shango, Dadal, Loco Roi Nago, Nago Piman, Voodoo dancing, false praise, false worship, false holy dance, false shouting, rocking backward and forward, false dancing in the spirit, false voodoo tongues, veil over the eyes, divination, false baptism of fire, false voices, false preaching spirits, evil soul ties, fire walking, creole curses, python serpent spirits of voodoo, hoodoo, curse of roots, roots in love or lust potions, graveyard dust demons, Dr. Buzzard demons, voodoo candle burning, sickness by voodoo, death spirits of voodoo, family line curse of voodoo, fear of voodoo, curse of seeking help from voodoo or witchcraft workers, witchcraft and voodoo icing.

To stay free, start worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ, read the Word of God daily, and pray, fast and do warfare daily but most importantly do self-deliverance daily.